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All programs are free and open to the public and held in the handicap accessible Theatre Room of the Nashua Public Library on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. For more information contact our Program Coordinator: Richard Maloon at

Wednesday August 16, 2017  Wildflowers, Rivka Schwartz

Co-sponsored with Beaver Brook Association

Beaver Brook naturalist Rivka Schwartz will discuss the diversity of wildflowers at the Beaver Brook Association of Hollis, Come to this presentation and receive details about guided walks at Beaver Brook on August 23, September 20, and October 18 all from 10am to noon  at Beaver Brook.  See Beaver Brook's web site for details.  Beaver Brook Association

Wednesday September 20, 2017,  New Hampshire Audubon Mission,  Douglas Bechtel, NH Audubon President

The New Hampshire Audubon is an independent NH-only based educational association of members who are dedicated to protect natural wildlife. Founded before the National Audubon, our roots go back to 1897. We provide environmental education programs throughout the state, conservation research and wildlife monitoring, protection of nearly 8,000 acres of wildlife habitat in 38 sanctuaries, and environmental public policy and science-based advocacy. Come hear these programs as well as local events, projects, partnerships, affiliations and our dedicated staff and board of directors.

 Wednesday October 18, 2017,  Snow Leopards, Jennifer Snell Rullman

Join us at our regular meeting to learn about the amazing Snow Leopard. Ms. Rullman is a director at the Snow Leopard Trust and has incredible photographs and video of wild snow leopards- found only in the high mountains of central Asia.  She will share the reasons why the illusive- rarely seen -snow leopard is "amazing". Learn how the Trust works with communities to save this endangered large cat by combating poaching and working with local herders to prevent retaliation killings. Programs in place include partnerships, enterprise opportunities, providing insurance, vaccination programs, prevention and education.    

Wednesday November 15, 2017 Speaker TBD 

Join us at our regular meeting for another exciting program focused on New Hampshire.  We provide free-of-charge informative programs on birds, birding, and nature for residents of Nashua and surrounding communities. Learn how you may participate and become part of NH Audubonís long history. Many of our conservation and education programs rely on citizen-scientists and naturalists. These volunteers provide data on bird populations and to help staff study the stateís biodiversity, measure the effects of human activity on wildlife, and teach children, families, and adults about the natural environment. Volunteers also help with mailings, data entry, events, and special projects.

December 20, 2017 South Africa Adventures, Jane Kolias and Sam Townsend

Join us at our regular meeting as Jane Kolias, 2014 Audubon Volunteer of the year and nighthawk watcher and Sam Townsend share their experiences at S. Africaís Zulu Nyala Private Game Reserve and the many other nature and wildlife sanctuaries near to the port city of Durban, a city of 3.5 million.  Zulu Nyala is in the heart of one of South Africaís most diverse conservation regions and home to a wide variety of wildlife such as elephant, rhino, buffalo, hippo, giraffe, leopard and cheetah. Durban is the largest port city in S. Africa and one of the busiest tourist cities on the Indian Ocean.

January 17, 2018  A birder's trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Cancelled due to weather

Join us at our regular meeting, as NH Audubon Senior biologist Becky Suomala and Merlin Enterprises owner and long time NH Audubon member Bob Quinn team up to highlight Becky's trip this year and Bob's several trips to the Asa Wright Nature Center on the tropical Island of Trinidad and nearby Island of Tobago. Come  learn about the Scarlet Ibis, Oilbirds, Tanagers, Hummingbirds, Motmots, and Honeycreepers. They also will present photographs of butterflies and plants. 

 Wednesday February 21,2018  Greenland Mark Suomala

 Join us at our regular meeting as we feature a special long time NH Audubon member and birder Mark Suomala. Mark has  worked as a field biologist for the Audubon Society of New Hampshire, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S.D.A. Forest Service. He also volunteers as a bird-banding assistant on the Isles of Shoals. He also finds time to lead birding trips. see  The Greenland ice caps status will be discussed as well as what the landscape is like, the locals, the birds, and wildlife. Mark has plenty of photographs to show us on his recent trip to Greenland.

Wednesday March 21, 2018   NH Loons John M. Rockwood

John is a professional photographer and author of "Adventures with Grapenut".  This presentation will follow two different Loon families on two different NH lakes over a 6-month period. You will see close-up photos and videos of Loon family daily life as if you were sitting there in the kayak with John. You will get to see Loons landing, taking off, swimming underwater, and much more. 

Wednesday April 18, 2018  What's going on with BATS? The NH Bat Project Cynthia Nichols

Join us at our regular meeting for another exciting program focused on New Hampshire wildlife and the environment. Our speaker, Cynthia Nichols, is a wildlife biologist who has coordinated a citizen scientist program that collects data on the Little Brown and the Big Brown Bat.  Come learn about bats and see if this program is something you may want to participate in.  And come and meet like-minded folks and share your stories.

Wednesday May 16, 2018  Birding by ear for Beginners.7-9 pm, Phil Brown, New Hampshire Audubon, Director of Land Management. 

 Join us at our regular meeting for another exciting program focused on New Hampshire wildlife and the environment. Come share your stories. Our speaker is Phil Brown the director of land management for NH Audubon and an expert birder. Phil has a BS from Rutgers and attends Antioch University. The focus of Phil's slide show and talk will be the local New Hampshire birds you are most likely to encounter and some tips on improving or learning what it takes to identify birds by ear. This also would be a great time to learn about NH Audubon's 39 sanctuaries throughout the state and other properties under management totaling 10,000 acres in conservation.            

Wednesday June 20, 2018  7-9pm Sightings and Questions

 This will be an opportunity to interact with other birding enthusiasts. Bring photos, observations, and questions about birding in Southern New Hampshire.  We will meet in an activity room at Nashua Public Library.  Light Refreshments will be provided and like all our programs this event is free to attend. See you there!! 

All programs are free and open to the public. Programs are held in the handicapped accessible Theater Room of the Nashua Public Library on the THIRD WED of the month at 7pm, except where otherwise noted. If the library is open we have our meeting.

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