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New Hampshire Audubon is an independent statewide membership organization whose mission is to protect New Hampshire's natural environment for wildlife and for people. It operates nature centers throughout the state that provide educational programs for children and adults. One of those areas, the Ponemah Bog, is located in Amherst, NH. The  Nashaway Chapter of New Hampshire Audubon helps in maintenance and advertising scheduled bog walks.

Volunteers needed

If you can volunteer for any of the activities  below, please send an email to Bill Coder at wcoder@aol.comwith your preferences of activities and for items 2 thru 4 whether you prefer weekends or mid-week.

1. A core group of volunteers, “Friends of Ponemah Bog”, visit regularly to monitor and help keep the boardwalks, trails, and parking area clean and safe. The primary qualification for joining the “Friends” team is an ability to visit on your own or in a small team at least once a month, sometime within one of four weekly slots, throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Trimming of vegetation along the trails and boardwalks is needed throughout the growing season.  Visiting regularly is very rewarding as you’ll witness the natural cycles that take place in the bog habitat.

2We will likely follow up in mid June with a group work session after leaf-out to trim back blueberries and other woody brush.  

3.For those with light carpentry skill and ability to carry the heavy planking used in the boardwalks and platforms, regular repairs are needed to those structures.  A few unique challenges to this work are hauling in the lumber and tools, lack of electricity, and work areas surrounded by floating bog mat.   Several people are planning to be present on May 16 for a work session.  

4.A small team rebuild one of the three viewing platforms on the bog in the fall of 2018.  The other two bog platforms will need to be refurbished in the near term, perhaps doing one during the summer of 2019.  Required skills and challenges are similar to those listed in item 3.

5.If anyone has access to a motorized brush cutter for use on low-growing brush along the boardwalks, please let us know. 

2017 Ponemah Bog Spring Clean-up Work Day

The Team lead by Jack Gleason

Ponemah Bog is a kettle hole bog formed about 18000 years ago when big chunks of glacial ice were left stranded and partially buried as glaciers melted and receded. The ice chunks subsequently melted, leaving depressions in the ground. Over thousands of years, peat moss progressively filled in the kettle holes from the edges inward toward the pond center.

To reach the bog from Milford/Amherst: Go east on Rte. 101A for 0.5 miles, then turn left on Rte. 122. Immediately turn right on Stearns Rd and go 1.1 miles. Turn right on Rhodora Dr. and go straight ahead to parking for the Sanctuary.

From Nashua take Rte 101A toward Milford for approximately 5 miles. Turn right on Boston Post Rd. Go 2 miles, then turn left on Stearns Rd. Go 0.3 miles, then take a left on Rhodora Dr.

For more extensive information, including maps and descriptions of the plants and wildlife, please visit The NH Natural Heritage Bureau website here .