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Nashaway Field Trip - Saturday Feb. 24 2018 8:00am to 3:00pm Wintering Owls 

Join us as we look for Short-eared and Snowy Owls at Salisbury Beach State Park and across the river in Parker River Wildlife Refuge.  Meet us in Nashua at the Exit 7 Park & Ride, on the hill behind the Fireside Inn and Suites, or contact Richard Bielawski at for directions.

Curt Laffin Presentation - Wednesday April 4, 2018, Bedford, NH Library at 7:00PM  Restoration of the American Chestnut Tree

Wildlife Biologist, Curt Laffin, will discuss the history and demise of this tree and promising efforts by the American Chestnut Foundation to restore it locally and throughout its historic range. For more information on the American Chestnut Foundation go to

Less than 100 years ago eastern U.S. forests were dominated by large American chestnut trees. By the 1950s this population was reduced to short-lived stump sprouts. These trees reined over 200 million acres of eastern woodlands from Maine to Florida, and from the Piedmont west to the Ohio Valley, until succumbing to a lethal fungus disease, chestnut blight. An estimated 4 billion American chestnuts, one quarter of the hardwood tree population, grew within this range prior to the blight. Prior to its loss, American chestnut was the most valuable tree in our forests, both ecologically and economically.

The blight, imported to the US on Asian chestnut trees, is a fungus and its spores are easily dispersed via air, raindrops or animals. It is a wound pathogen, entering through injuries to the tree's bark. It spreads to the underlying vascular cambium and wood, killing these tissues as it advances. The flow of nutrients is eventually choked off to and from sections of the tree above the infection.

Nashaway Program: Wednesday April 18, 2018  at 7:00PM What’s going on with BATS? The NH Bat Project Cynthia Nichols

Join us at our regular meeting for another exciting program focused on New Hampshire wildlife and the environment. Our speaker, Cynthia Nichols, is a wildlife biologist who has coordinated a citizen scientist program that collects data on the Little Brown and the Big Brown Bat.  Come learn about bats and see if this program is something you may want to participate in.

Beaver Brook Events: Members and friends of New Hampshire Audubon may also be interested in participating in events at the local Beaver Brook Association in Hollis, NH.  See their event listing at Beaver Brook Calendar  

 Seen in Merrimack, mid-December, photo by Richard Maloon

Important NH Bird Sighting! This is a photo taken photo by Brain Mattor on a recent trip to Star Island. While easily identified as a Wood Pewee, the bird only answered to the Western Wood Pewee call. This may be the only sighting of the Western species in New England.



Nashaway is one of the chapters of New Hampshire Audubon . We provide free-of-charge informative programs on birds, birding, and nature for residents of Nashua and surrounding communities.

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